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Pregnancy is an opportune time for women to modify their health behaviors. Engaging in healthy behaviors during pregnancy positively impacts maternal and child outcomes from pregnancy throughout postpartum period and beyond.

The My Baby, My Move + website provides a synthesis of the latest evidenced-based information regarding multiple health behaviors during the prenatal and postpartum period and in accordance with national recommendations. This includes guidelines for adequate physical activity, healthy eating, recommended weight gain, smoking cessation and stress management. We serve both providers looking to better serve their patients and expectant mothers seeking information on how to take care of herself and baby during this critical time.

My Baby, My Move + also conducts regular studies with pregnant women in the Denver Metro Area to promote wellness during pregnancy. If you are interested in knowing more about this study please see Overview.

Modifying behaviors such as physical activity, healthy eating, healthy weight gain, stress management and smoking cessation during this critical time is demonstrated to have multiple benefits.

Please check with your health care provider when you plan to change your health behaviors.

Granted the pregnancy is free of complications, there are many benefits related to regular physical activity, including:

  • Reducing excessive weight gain during pregnancy
  • Lowering risk of having adverse birth outcomes
  • Minimizing effects of stress
  • Reducing risk of having delivery complications
  • Enhancing body image

The benefits resulting from a healthy eating during pregnancy include:

  • Consuming specific nutrients lowers risk of certain birth defects and help with the baby’s cognitive development
  • Knowing which foods to avoid is important for safety reasons
  • Having enough iron in your diet can reduce your risk of becoming anemic and help you feel less tired
  • Refraining from certain substances such as alcohol will avoid serious negative consequences for your baby
  • Maintaining a healthy weight gain

The benefits of healthy weight gain include:

  • Reducing your risk of cesarean section, among other delivery complications
  • Lowering risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and birth defects
  • Reducing the risk of obesity for both mom and baby, which is also linked to higher risk for other chronic diseases
  • Helping mom return to a healthy weight more quickly after giving birth

The benefits of smoking cessation include:

  • Decreasing the possibility of preterm birth
  • Reducing the risk of your baby developing bronchitis, asthma, ear infections and ADD
  • Lowering risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and other smoking related diseases

The benefits of stress management include:

  • Having more energy and heightened sense of well-being
  • Decreasing the possibility of worsening risk factors including hypertension and high cholesterol
  • Reducing the risk of developing depression and other mood disorders
  • Minimizing frequent anger, frustration, hostility and crying fits
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Provider Trainings

  • Giving health care providers an easy way to obtain information on current guidelines and evidence-based practices for prenatal health behaviors.
  • Delivering instant access to the latest information on physical activity, healthy eating and weight gain, smoking cessation and stress management during pregnancy.
  • Providing quick and simple resources on prenatal health behaviors for pregnant women.
  • Encouraging successful outcomes, one mother and one baby at a time.